Outsource Annual Conference 2022

Address: Outsource, Hambleden House, 19 – 26 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2

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“The winds of change…. and landscape of tomorrow”

“In this annual series we look at the major changes to the legal profession in the last 24 months and the likely lasting effect these changes will have on the sector.”

The fundamentals in maintaining and developing a law firm involve providing high level services through competent people at appropriate pricing to a stable marketplace with a proportionate level of competition. Over the past 24 months we have seen many of these fundamentals change permanently. The market is changing: there are new entrants, traditional PI litigation will diminish, there is a scarcity of solicitors and support staff, regulation and insurance costs are ever-increasing, and this is all surrounded by increasing expenses and conundrums over whether the market can withstand price increases. Being part of or running an Irish law firm has never been as challenging, and ironically, potentially never as rewarding.

This seminar will look at how the shape of the market is changing, how this is likely to play out, who the winners and losers will be and where there is scope to develop firms of all size. At the forefront are people related changes, in ownership changes (within partnerships or sales or mergers) or throughout the internal staff. Retention has suddenly become key to operating successfully and firms are having to embrace flexible and hybrid working arrangements.

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