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Currencies Direct

Established in 1996, Currencies Direct is a foreign exchange specialist with over 800 staff and offices spanning five continents. We help clients achieve substantial savings on their foreign exchange transfers, and each client is assigned a dedicated trader who offers personalised assistance in optimising the timing of their transfers.

Partnering with solicitors throughout Ireland, we primarily support them in managing their international probate and conveyancing payments. Our services come at no cost to the solicitor, providing significant savings in both time and money for their practices.

Bid farewell to the hassle of making non-Euro payments. Currencies Direct facilitates bulk Euro payments, enabling distribution to multiple beneficiaries in different currencies. Clients benefit from a consistent rate with the same dedicated trader. Additionally, clients have the option to leave their Euros on account with Currencies Direct, allowing them to defer the conversion of funds until they are ready.

We actively engage in legal events in Ireland, including The Law Society, Erin International, Local Bars, and the Solicitors Growth Summit.

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The CORT software is licensed by the Law Society to reproduce the Requisitions on Title. It incorporates the Law Society Requisitions on Title 2019 (Revised) Edition released in January 2021. CORT is updated whenever the Law Society releases a new version.

CORT contains features that simplify the process of raising and replying to Requisitions on Title. You can define template sets that suit your practice for any conveyancing transaction including for example Registered, Unregistered, Leasehold, Freehold, New & Second Hand houses/apartments. Sets of Requisitions are easily produced and stored anywhere on your network and/or added to cases within your Case Management System.

In addition to the Requisitions, CORT also produces the most common documents, letters and forms used with Requisitions on Title, making CORT a simple but very powerful system to speed up the conveyancing process. See cortsite.com for full details.

How does CORT operate?

The vendor’s solicitor uses CORT to complete replies to the Law Society Requisitions on Title assuming that the purchaser’s solicitor intended to raise the standard requisitions. The completed document is then sent to the purchaser’s solicitor before contracts are exchanged. The purchaser’s solicitor then raises whatever other Requisitions are to be raised together with rejoinders and prepares a list of documents to be handed over on closing. This is sent in letter form and is replied to by the vendor’s solicitor in letter form. Not having to wait for the purchaser to raise the standard Requisitions on Title can save days and even weeks.

The purchaser’s solicitor can use CORT to raise requisitions – selecting the categories to be included in the transaction and completing the list of documents to be handed over on closing. The requisitions can then be emailed to the vendor’s solicitor.


Download a full version (with minor restrictions) for free at cortsite.com. This will enable you to experience for yourself how simple and effective CORT is before purchasing.

CORT Annual Licence Fee

· Single User: €400

· Multi-User: €550 – allows 2 concurrent users – additional users €100 each

Prices exclusive of VAT. Rates current at October 2022.

Case Management and Legal Accounts

CORTBase is the most comprehensive Case Management & Legal Accounts Systems on the Irish market – developed by the CORT team.

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