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CORTPlus is the new name for CORT, the software system. The Law Society has licensed CORT to reproduce their Requisitions on Title.

CORTPlus has extensive on-line help and is very simple to use even for those with very basic keyboard skills. Lots of new features have been added to the old CORT including facilities to email requisitions and to store them anywhere on your network. It was designed to include file management for easy retrieval of stored sets of requisitions, many features to simplify the process of raising and replying to Requisitions on Title and the ability to develop precedent or template sets to suit your own purposes. It includes several templates of common standard transactions for Registered/Unregistered/Leasehold/Freehold/New/Second Hand houses and apartments.

What is CORTDocs?
CORTDocs is a CORTPlus add-on module. The DSBA president at the time, Brian Gallagher, sought a way to streamline the conveyancing process with standardisation and automation wherever possible. He set up a committee to identify the most common docs and forms generated when handling Requisitions on Title. CORTDocs was developed to automatically generate those documents. CORTPlus with it’s add-on module, CORTDocs, is a simple but very powerful system that speeds up the conveyancing process. See for further details.

How does CORTPlus operate?
The vendor’s solicitor assumes that the purchaser’s solicitor will raise the standard Requisitions on Title. The vendor’s solicitor uses CORTPlus to complete replies to requisitions and sends the completed document to the purchaser’s solicitor at the time he returns the executed contract to the purchaser. The purchaser’s solicitor will then raise whatever other Requisitions on Title that he may wish to raise together with his rejoinders and prepare a list of documents he wants handed over on closing. This will be sent in letter form and be replied to by the vendor’s solicitor in letter form. Not having to wait for the purchaser to raise the standard Requisitions on Title could save as much as seven days.

The purchaser’s solicitor can of course use CORTPlus to raise requisitions – selecting the categories to be included in the transaction and completing the list of documents to be handed over on closing. The requisitions can then be emailed to the vendor’s solicitor who can import them into CORTPlus and reply to the requisitions raised.

What is CORTBase?
CORTBase, not be confused with CORTPlus, is one of the most comprehensive Case Management Systems on the Irish market – developed by the CORT team. See for further details.

Download CORTPlus from the CORT website, You can register this full version for a limited period at no cost to allow you to experience for yourself how simple and effective it is. It also incorporates a trial version of the add-on module, CORTDocs, which allows you to see exactly how that operates.

The Annual Licence Fee
Fees displayed exclude VAT Single User Multi User Additional User
CORTPlus €325 €455 €82
CORTDocs €150 annual fee no mater how many users

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