DSBA President’s Message

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Dear Members,

Please see below two important updates:

The Legal Aid Board is now accepting applications for the Assisted Decision Making Solicitors Panel- see link https://www.legalaidboard.ie/en/lawyers-and-experts/assisted-decision-making-capacity-act-and-legal-aid/assisted%20decision%20making%20solicitors%20panel/

Closing date for applications is 20.04.2023

Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2023 have passed into law by way of statutory instrument 118/2023 and will commence on 1st July 2023. See link https://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2023/si/118/made/en/print. DSBA will provide analysis of the changes in the regulations and will hold a seminar to update Members prior to the commencement date of this legislation.

Susan Martin